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Voice Lessons

Singing lessons cover the following areas:

  • Breath control -- One of the single most important aspects of singing and often the most misunderstood.

  • Posture --  from how to stand to tongue placement

  • Using Registers -- head, chest, blends

  • Exercises -- to develop your instrument and gain control over it

  • Vibrato -- how to do it and do it tastefully

  • Increasing Range -- Learning to sing both higher and lower

  • Music theory -- understanding the 'language' of music 

  • Power -- how to develop it with out hurting yourself

  • Learning Songs -- chosen by you, not me

  • Style -characteristics found in different types of music from country to rock to pop to r&b

  • Scales -- the foundation for any vocal line

  • Standard Notation Reading -- still needed for many situations

  • Self directed studies -- for the advanced student

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